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This is what Sedona looks like when there is a snow fall.


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All Things Sedona

You will find information about Sedona that may be helpful to residents and tourists alike.

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49 things to do In Sedona

City of Sedona : Home - News & Events - Government - Community - Business - Visitors - Other Info

Cottages At CoffeePot - Blog with Posts for members of the HOA.

Harkins Theatre - Sedona

Map of Red Rock Country

Official Tourism Bureau Website

Red Rock Country

Red Rock Passes

Restaurants in Sedona Area with Viewer Recommendations

Sedona Chamber of Commerce

Sedona The Movie - If you love Sedona, you will enjoy seeing the different areas where this movie was filmed.

Sedona International Film Festival - Starts the third Saturday of February and goes for 9 days. You will enjoy the special films and events that are previewed at different venues around Sedona. The Mary Fisher Theater previews independent films and other artistic events all year long. Tickets and ticket packages can be purchased. Check the website for more details.

Verde Valley Wine Trail - Northern Arizona specifically the Verde Valley, is the heart of the wine industry in Arizona. The climate, altitude, and soil conditions are right for magnificent wine production that compares favorably with Napa Valley area of California. There are 4 wineries and 4 tasting rooms in the Verde Valley area.
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Sedona Monthly Calendar of Events & Map

Courtesy of SellSedona.com & Rick's World Sedona

Sedona Interactive Map

Explore our full Sedona information guide!
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See Interactive Map (not to scale) under the tab "Sedona Calendar of Events"

Get Directions to Our Location
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Sedona Weather

National Weather Map

Scroll Down page for Sedona Arizona Weather Highs & Lows for 2011 thru 2017


Quick Local Sedona Weather Update

Sedona Extended Forecast & More

Sedona Weather Statistics - for any date and time. The weather station is located in the CoffeePort Cottages in Soldiers Pass, Sedona Arizona 86336 - Yavapai County. Temperatures average 5º - 7º Cooler than Sedona proper.

Storm Chasers - Twister Chaser Jeff Piotrowski's website (twisterchasers.com) - Go here for ChaserCam™ when severe weather is happening.

Honor Our Heroes

Movie Group

Sedona Movie Group

Left to Right - Clockwise
Lee - Robert - Gary - Sheri - George - Sybil - Rick taking picture

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The group meets periodically discussing 2 movies the host pics.
Sometimes, there is a theme, actor - actress - director that we focus on. The intent is to enjoy each others company and learn a different perspective from our group for a better understanding of the topic at hand.

Sedona Movie Group

Date: February 10, 2018
Where: Gary & Robert
Time: 6:00 PM

February Movies

  • The Truman Show (1998) - Theme - Expanding Horizons: The benefits/downfalls of living in a protected/censored world.
  • Pleasantville (1998)

December Movies

  • Rain Man
  • The Accountant

October Movies

  • The Insider (1999) - Starring Russell Crowe - Directed By Michael Mann
  • The Big Short (2015) - Starring Christian Bale - Directed by Adam McKay

August Movies

  • Beguiled (2017) - Starring Colin Farrell - Directed by Sophia Coppola
  • Human Stain (2011) - Starring Nicole Kidman - Directed by Robert Benton

May Movies

  • Breaking The Waves (1996) - Starring Emily Watson - Directed by Lars von Trier
  • Hilary & Jackie (1998) - Starring Emily Watson - Directed by Anand Tucher

April Movies

  • To Catch A Thief - (1955) - Starring Cary Grant and Grace Kelly - Directed By Alfred Hitchcock
  • The Verdict - (1982) - Starring Paul Newman - Directed by Sidney Lumet

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Food Assignments: Co-ordinate with —> Sheri, Lee, Sybil, Robert,

More Rules About Nothing….

  1. One page of notes just to refresh your memory.
  2. Your opinion matters… not some critic
  3. Keep remarks pithy
  4. Unusual facts and trivia - Always Welcome!

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Ratings for movies reviewed in October 2017
  • Rain Man = 5.0
  • The Accountant = 4.0
Ratings for movies reviewed in October 2017
  • The Insider = 5.0
  • The Big Short = 5.0

Ratings for movies reviewed in August 2017
  • Human Stain = 4.6
  • Beguiled = 2.9

Ratings for movies reviewed in May 2017
  • Breaking The Waves = 4.3
  • Hilary & Jackie = 4

Ratings for movies reviewed in April 2017
  • To Catch A Thief = 3.4
  • The Verdict = 4.4

Ratings for movies reviewed in March 2017
  • The Reader = 4.6
  • The Dressmaker - 4.3

Ratings for movies reviewed in January 2017
  • Ex Machino = 4.3
  • Lars & the Real Girl = 4.9

Ratings for movies reviewed in December 2016
  • Sully = 5
  • Red October = 5
Discussion centered around leadership traits. “The 9 Traits That Define Great Leadership

Ratings for movies reviewed in October 2016
  • Sixth Sense = 4.91
  • Charle St. Cloud = 4.91

Ratings for movies reviewed in August 2016
  • In the Heat of the Night = 4.8
  • Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner? = 4.4

Ratings for movies reviewed in June 2016
  • Bucket List = 4
  • Shaw-shank Redemption = 5

Ratings for movies reviewed in January 2016
  • Danish Girl = 4.8
  • Imitation Game = 5

Lists of Movies Reviewed

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Aerial Videos

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About Me & UPS

World News Now

Amazing & Inspirational Videos

Learn About Mercury Retrograde

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