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~ ~ July 2015 ~ ~


Sedona Summer

~~ July 2015 ~~

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~ June 2015 Weather Quick Stats ~
June 106.1 on June 25th -May’s High was 95.9º on May 31st -
Only 7 days were below 90º in June - There was 20 days in May & April and 23 in March at or above 70º!
For June, only 1 day was below 80º, In May 10 days were at or above 80º - 8 in April - 6 in March!
We have had 16 days in a row over 100º in June - Our first day this year of above 100º was June 15th
Low Temp was 43.1º on June 4th
No days were below freezing (32º) for a low
The average temp was 76.2º
There was .66 inches of RAIN for a total of 9.01 inches for the year ( highest total for ½ year since 2010 at 9.74)
- Generally Apr-May-Jun are the driest months of the year….not this year!
The 2nd half of the year is always more wet that the 1st half of the year.

See Sedona Arizona Weather Highs & Lows for more weather and monsoon information. Go to the "Sedona Weather" tab in the menu.

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Sedona The Movie - If you love Sedona, you will enjoy seeing the different areas where this movie was filmed.

Sedona International Film Festival - Starts the third Saturday of February and goes for 9 days. You will enjoy the special films and events that are previewed at different venues around Sedona. The Mary Fisher Theater previews independent films and other artistic events all year long. Tickets and ticket packages can be purchased. Check the website for more details.

Verde Valley Wine Trail - Northern Arizona specifically the Verde Valley, is the heart of the wine industry in Arizona. The climate, altitude, and soil conditions are right for magnificent wine production that compares favorably with Napa Valley area of California. There are 4 wineries and 4 tasting rooms in the Verde Valley area.
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Sedona Weather

National Weather Map

Scroll Down page for Sedona Arizona Weather Highs & Lows for 2011 ~ 2012 ~ 2013 ~ 2014 - 2015

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  • 2013 Final
  • 2014
  • 2015
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  • Hi - Lo Weather Stats & Comps
  • Monsoon Info
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We have regular live transmission of weather conditions at one minute intervals and a national map that shows current weather conditions throughout the United States.  Part of the site logs statistical information.  Outside links are available for additional reference as well as a monthly Almanac update.

My weather station is DW6167 on the Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP)  

Weather Underground has improved the weather information for local weather stations.
My Station ID for the Weather Underground is available; see call sign KAZSEDON7 below.
Tab 2

2013 Final Temperature & Precipitation Totals - Sedona, Az - January 6, 2014 

Here are the final Almanac figures for 2013.  This info is taken from the weather station located at Sperryr.com in the CoffeePot Cottages in Soldier's Pass, Sedona AZ. Also, it should be noted that 15 inches of POWDER snowfall and 5 inches of WET SNOW translates to 1 inch of precipitation.  Based on normal Sedona snowfall, I feel that 10 inches of snow = 1 inch of precipitation. So 2013 translate to about 17 inches of precipitation and in 2012 we had around 18.5 inches of precipitation. 
Our rain was down over 2 inches when you combine April and July from 2012.  

As for temps, the mean temp for the year was 1.4º less than in 2012 but higher than the mean average taken from the Almanac.  I have added 2 years of data to my charts and that will provide more current and relevant data in the years to come.  I have also added the high & low temp for the month to help show the range of temperature within each month.  In June, we had a heat wave that created a record at the CoffeePot Cottage weather station. This also helped to boost the overall temp of June to almost 81º ! Only July in 2010 (83.6º) was higher. In the 4 years I have been tracking the weather, only 3 months broke 80º as a mean temperature.  this is another reason why Sedona is pleasant no matter when you come.  We get the seasons but they are milder during winter and summer than many other locations in the country. 

Monsoon 2013
During the monsoon - The Soldiers Pass area of West Sedona had 8.18 inches of rain; that number is down from 9.01 inches.  This is .83 of an inch of rain less than the previous season. The temperature during the season was  1/2 degree higher overall from 2012 at 77.6º .  This was due primarily to the record heat wave we experienced in June. The average temperature was almost 3º above June of 2012 with a record setting 109º helping to boost that number.  July and August were cooler than the previous year because the daily cloud cover and rain helped to keep the high temperatures down. 

Quick Monsoon Stats
Monsoon started June 15 and ended on September 30th --> 8.18 Inches of Rain
All Time CoffeePot Cottage Record Hot Temp  109.1º set on June 29, 2013
Previous Record Hot Day 105.4º

Precipitation for 2013 -  We did not equal 2012 totals.  Since 2010, we have averaged 3.94 in November & December. We only had 2.27 inches of rain in the last 2 months of the year, and our snowfall fell 5.7 inches short of last year.  March of 2012 was unusually heavy at 16 inches so that is why we are behind the snowfall total.  Because of that snowfall, we had a magnificent spring. There were no real freezes after that snowfall and the trees and flowers bloomed during the normal cycle.  This lack of precipitation will keep us in draught conditions. Fortunately, we are not experiencing a severe draught. Because of these conditions, be aware of the water you use and conserve where possible. 

Tab 3

2014 Final Temperature & Precipitation Totals - Sedona, Az - January 2, 2015 

Winter 2014

Winter never came to Northern Arizona! We had 1/2 inch of snowfall on December 8th. This January, February & March were the mildest on record!  Spring has been here since early March. Our tourism across the state has seen records due to the great weather locally and the extremely cold temperatures and record snowfall all across the country.  
Flagstaff had around 5 inches of snow - normal is 100+ inches. The only snow Sedona received was 1/2 inch on December 8th, 2013. The warmer temperatures in the Pacific Ocean off the west coast (USA) prevented the winter storms from moving down the west coast.  The polar air mass was forced to move south through Canada into the USA causing severe weather conditions through out the rest of the United States while sparing the southwest portion (California, Arizona and New Mexico) from having a normal winter.  

Quick Winter Synopsis:
January 2014 was mild. We were 6º warmer than 2013. There was only .06 precipitation and no snowfall!
February was the warmest February I have on recorded on my weather station.  There were 15 days at or above 68º. This is unprecedented in my records.  The average high is almost 4 degrees higher than normal.  Our rain & snow is down 5 plus inches since November.  There were 97 days without measurable rain since November. On March 1st, Soldiers Pass did receive around 1 inch of rain!

Spring 2014

In April we had a cold front move through Sedona causing a trace amount of snow. Two days dipped below 32º.  This is the first time my weather station has recorded low temps below 32º in April. We had another unprecedented dry month, receiving only .08 inch of rain.  We should be at 7.89 inches of precipitation by the end of April.  We are at 2.01 inches total.  This leaves a deficit of 5.88 inches. May and June are historically the driest months of the year. 

Sedona (CoffeePot Cottages-Soldiers Pass) hit 90º for the first time at 15:07 on May 3rd.  We average 91 to 110 days at 90º + for the year.  

Summer 2014
Our first day of 100º came on June 8th and we got 14 days of 100º + temps.  In 2013 we only had 16 days at 100º + .  June has the hottest days of the year but July averages the HIGHEST low temperatures of the year which makes the mean temperature rise.  This year we did not use the AC at night at all and we had a handful of days that we did not turn on the AC during the day. August was a rainy month but we were still behind last year's rain to date by an inch. August was a much cooler month than normal dropping 7º from July at 89.9º. Due to the rain, we had one day that only reached 70º. This brought the average for the month down 1º. On the whole, the CoffeePot Cottage weather station recorded 7.73 inches of rain for the season. The clouds and rain help keep the temps down significantly, dropping the average high temps for the season. Obviously this only happens during highly active seasons as we had this year.


Monsoon "Officially" arrived on June 15th and ended on September 30th, however in weather circles, monsoon needs to have 3 days above a 55º dew point. There have been zero days in June at or above 55º dew point.

Using the previous standard, Monsoon arrived on July 3rd, 2014. There were only 5 days below a dew point of 55º in July and 2 days in August. The first 6 months of the year we have had only 2.18 inches of rain and in July and August we had 6.53 inches of much needed precipitation. We are still in a draught. Last year we had 9.78 inches of rain by September 1. So far this year we have had only 8.71 inches. Our draught in this area is considered moderate. We need more rain. As for "Hot August Nights", we did not reach 100º. August was much cooler than July dropping from an average of 96.9 in July to 89.9 in August. As long as I have been monitoring the weather, I have not seen temps 100º or higher in September. Total days of 90º + days are above 90. We had 15 days in September bringing our total to 96. (Last day at 100º+ = July 31st @101º)

See tab on "Monsoon" for more information.


Sedona has a "dry heat", especially Spring and part of Summer. May 4th the humidity got as low as 8% at 16:30! Single digit numbers are not uncommon.

Fall 2014

No day in October reached 90º. We only had .21 inches of rain for the month. Over all, the temperatures for the month of October were very pleasant. Not one day in October did we use the air conditioner. In mid November, a cold snap came down from the arctic circle. Though it didn’t hit Arizona too badly, the rest of the country had record snowfall. In Sedona, 10 of the last 14 days had lows at freezing or below. However we did not get any snow during the month. If fact, the yearly totals for snow so far are just a trace. The lowest snowfall we have had since I started tracking it was 8 inches in 2010. In the last week of December, we finally got some snow. Christmas Day there was a trace of snow, but on New Year’s Eve we got around 8 inches of snow. The snow carried through to the next morning of 2015. Two more inches were recorded on the first day of 2015.

The big news in December is how much rain we received. So far, we have 3.35 inches of rain. We have only had a trace of snow in April, no other snow the entire year. The angle of the sun is at the lowest point on December 21st at 4:03 PM MST. This is the winter solstice. The high so far in December has been 65º and the low was 27º. Five days have dipped below freezing and there have been 3 days below 50º for a high. This year will have the lowest total of days that dipped below 32º. It is sweater weather!

Tab 4


Winter 2015

Up until the last day of the year, we had not had any measurable snow. On December 31st, we got 8 inches of snow and 2 more inches fell on January 1st. January 1st, the high temp was only 36º. The high for the month was 70.5º approx. 4º higher than 2014. The big difference was the low temperatures compared to January 2014. The low last year was 52.1 and this year we had 9 days which were colder than the coldest day last January. We got rain right before the Sedona Marathon (Jan 31st) and the Forest Service cancelled the marathon because of mud. It was unsafe. Two indices stand out this winter. We got more precipitation this winter than any winter in the past 5 years. The winter was noticeably warmer than in years’ past, especially comparing it to the previous year which was considered another warm winter. It was 6.6º warmer than the February average and 2.8º warmer than last year. Most days, just a no sweater or just a light sweater was needed. Trees started blooming early February by the beginning of March, it felt like Spring all over Sedona.

Spring 2015
The old saying “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb” held true to the words. In the first few days of March, a cold front came through dropping the temps and all the rain for the month. By the end of March, the high temperature and averages were closer to April’s averages than March. All in all, Spring was kick-started early in 2015 and the majority of trees and bushes were full of leaves by the end of the month. April, may and June are historically the driest months of the year. The last two year for that time period we have only received .42 inches of rain for a combined six months! But this April, that trend has changed. A cold front came through and dropped .93 inches. May was a lot like April. We have had record rain for May (1.91 inches). April-May-June for 2013 and 2014 had a total of.42 inches of rain. June is normally the driest month of the year with .01 total precipitation since 2010. Warm weather did not start until May 29th, so pleasant Spring lasted from February thru May. We got about 10 more weeks of extremely pleasant weather for that time period.

Summer 2015
We had more days over 100º in June than we had in all of 2014 (16 days). There were 23 days in June over 90º, with a high of 106.1.

Using the old definition of Monsoon (3 days or more of 55º dew point = monsoon conditions, our monsoon started on June 9th. It went for 6 days and then started back up on June 27th. Historically may and June are our driest months. We had .66 inch of rain in June bring our total to 9.01 for the year. Since 2011 the average rain for the first half of the year is 3.6 inches except for 2010 which had 9.74 inches. 2010 ended with 21.56 inches of rain. We are on track to hit over 20 inches of rain based on 2010 totals which would be 6.5 inches more that 2014.

See tab on "Monsoon" for more information.


Fall 2015

Tab 5


Winter 2016

Spring 2016

Summer 2016


See tab on "Monsoon" for more information.


Fall 2016

Tab 6

~ 2014 has been finalized ~

Quick Look of Weather Stats from 2011 through 2015

Temps - Hottest & Coldest Temps as recorded at Coffeepot Cottages Weather Station located at the end of Soldier's Pass

Hottest Temperature - 109º on June 29th, 2013 Longest Number of Days 100º Plus = 5 (June 27th to July 1st 2013) 
(2011) - There were a total of 28 days over 100º through September. Season Total (2011) = 28, (2012) = 28, (2013) = 16
(2012) - 100º and over - May = 1, June = 12, July = 5, August = 9, September = 1 ~ Total = 28 
(2013) -  100º and over - May = 0, June = 10, July = 4, August = 2 ~ Total =16

(2014) - !00º and over - May = 0, June = 7, July = 7, August = 0 ~ Total = 14
(2015) - 100º and over - May = 0, June = 16,
Season Total by Year - (2011) = 28, (2012) = 28, (2013) = 16, (2014) = 14. (2015) =

(2011) -   1st Day of 100º =  6/21/11  ~  Last Day of 100º       = 9/4/11
(2012) -   1st Day of 100º =  6/21/12  ~  Last Day of 100º      = 8/15/12

(2013) - 1st Day of 100º = 6/ 6/13  ~  Last Day of 100º = 8/20/13  (2013) - High Temp for Year = 109.1º on June 29th - All Time Record
(2014) - 1st Day of 100º =  6/ 8/14 ~ Last Day of 100º = 7/31/14
(2015) - 1st Day of 100º = 6/15/15 ~ Last Day of 100º =

90º and over but less than 100º (2012) - April = 3, May = 10, June = 14, July = 19, August = 17, September = 16, October =  2
90º and over but less than 100º (2013) - April = 1, May = 5, June = 21, July = 16, August = 21, September = 11, October = 0
90º and over but less than 100º (2014) - April = 0, May = 10, June = 19, July = 21, August = 17, September = 15, October = 0

90º and over but less than 100º (2015) - April = 0, May = 3, June = 7,

(2011) -  1st Day of 90º   =  5/27/11 ~  Last Day of    90º = 10/15/11
(2012) -  1st Day of 90º   =  4/21/12 ~  Last Day of   90º = 10/02/12
(2013) - 1st Day of 90º = 4/29/13 ~ Last Day of 90º = 09/20/13
(2014) -  1st Day of 90º   =  5/03/14 ~ Last Day of 90º = 09/25/14
(2015) - 1st Day of 90º = 5/29/15 ~

New Category - Total days over 90º by month
(2015) - May = 3, June = 23, July =

(2011) - Total Days of Temps over 90º  =   93 
(2012) - Total Days of Temps over 90º  = 110
(2013) - Total Days of Temps over 90º = 91 
(2014) - Total Days of Temps over 90º = 96
(2015) - Total Days of Temps over 90º =


Coldest Temperature - Each Year - Number of Days Below 32º for the High
(2011) - January 1st ……=   5º - Only 1 day (entire year) was below 32º for the high
(2012) - March 20th  ……=  19ª - Only 1 day (entire year) was below 32º for the high
(2013) - January 13th ….= 8.9º - 0 days below 32º for the high
(2014) - December 29th..=  18.5º - 0 days below 32º for the high - November - Very unusual low of 22.6º
(2015) - January 3rd = 13.4º - 0 days in February below 32º

Days that dipped below 32º
(2011) - Jan =  19 days ~ Feb = 22 days ~ Mar = 14 days~ Apr = 0 ~ Oct = 0 ~ Nov = 5 ~ Dec = 21 ~ Total Days = 81
(2012) - Jan =  21 days ~ Feb = 15 days ~ Mar = 14 days ~ Apr = 0 ~ Oct = 0 ~ Nov = 6 ~ Dec = 21 ~ Total Days = 71
(2013) - Jan =  27 days ~ Feb = 24 days ~ Mar = 8 days ~ Apr = 0 ~ Oct =  1 ~ Nov = 5 ~ Dec = 24 ~ Total Days = 89
(2014) - Jan =  20 days ~ Feb = 10 days ~ Mar = 3 days ~ Apr = 2 ~ Oct = 0 ~ Nov = 8 ~ Dec = 15 ~ Total Days = 58
(2015) - Jan = 13 days ~ Feb = 7 days ~ Mar = 3 days ~ Apr = 1 ~
Days below 50º for a high   (Over 40º is Sweater Weather due to low humidity)
(2011) - Jan =   5 days ~ Feb = 4 days ~ Mar = 1 day ~ Nov = 3 days ~ Dec = 16 days ~ Total Days = 29 ~ (only 1 day was below 40º)
(2012) - Jan =  3 days ~ Feb = 5 days ~ Mar = 1 day ~ Dec = 12 ~ Total Days = 21 ~ (4 days were below 40º for 2012)

(2013) - Jan = 11 days ~ Feb = 7 days ~ Mar = 1 day ~ Nov =  3 days ~ Dec = 9 ~  Total Days = 31 ~ (4 days below 40º)
(2014) - Jan =  0 days ~ Feb = 3 days ~ Mar = 0 days ~ Nov = 0 days ~ Dec = 9 ~ Total Days = 12 ~ (1 day below 40º)
(2015) - Jan = 6 days ~ Feb = 0 days ~ Mar = 2 days ~

Tab 7

Information on Monsoon weather - Sedona, AZ - Updated June 2, 2015 - It seems that Southern Arizona, the White Mountains and the Phoenix metropolitan area known as "The Valley" get the brunt of the monsoon affects. It is amazing to see the haboobs (desert wind storms) kick up and tower thousands of feet in the air moving through the valley.  Those storms are the pre-cursor to the rain and massive storm cells that develop from the moisture in the warm air coming off the Gulf of Mexico. Generally, massive amounts of rain falling create downdrafts that push the air out from the center of the storm which produces a dry wind that kicks up the dust and dirt.  

Up in Northern Arizona, we get a lot of cloud cover and the storms move through but usually don't drop a lot of rain here in Sedona.  In Flagstaff it is quite a different story! The area of Sedona seems to be protected.  By that I mean that most of the rain falls elsewhere before it gets to our little city.  But when we do get rain and storm cells it is a big deal around here.  In 2014, Sedona got 7.73 inches of rain from July thru September.  In 2013, there was 8.18 inches of rain in the same time frame.  

In Southern and Central Arizona - 2014 will be remembered as the "Monsoon of the Century". All future monsoon activity will be measured in terms of 2014. There were 3 major hurricanes that effected the weather in the southern half of the state. This caused a deluge and many towns and neighborhoods suffered tremendous flooding damage due to flash floods, hurricane wind, broken canals, and water that had no where to go. Many long-time residents have never seen a deluge like we have seen this year. Sky Harbor Airport had record rainfall of 1.59 inches and has exceeded the all-time record set back in 1903.

Sedona Average High/Low Temps and Record High/LowTemps 


Quick Local Sedona Weather Update

Sedona Extended Forecast & More

Sedona Weather Statistics - for any date and time. The weather station is located in the CoffeePort Cottages in Soldiers Pass, Sedona Arizona 86336 - Yavapai County. Temperatures average 5º - 7º Cooler than Sedona proper.

Storm Chasers - Twister Chaser Jeff Piotrowski's website (twisterchasers.com) - Go here for ChaserCam™ when severe weather is happening.

Sedona Weather Almanac
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