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~~ Remembering September 11th ~~

Click On the Image of the Firefighter to start a short historical video pictorial of September 11th and the aftermath. It is a day that will live on in history.

Remembering A Personal American Tragedy - 9/11/01 - 
Sedona Arizona - 9/11/11 - sperryr.com 
America will never be the same after that Tuesday in September back in 2001.  I would hazard to say that no country in the world has been the same.  Ten years have gone by but for many, it seems like only days.  There are those people who have been touched and scarred deeply by the event; family members, close friends and co-workers, who never returned home that evening. Since then, over 6200 service men and women have lost their lives defending our freedom;  freedom from tyranny and terrorism. Some of these people go to sleep every evening and wake up every mornining with the unbearable pain of what they had to endure.  Our hearts and prayers go out to these brave souls who continue to fight day in and day out to survive the scars they received from the events of that day.
For the people who were not directly scarred by 9/11/01, many may only reflect back when there is an anniversary.  As Americans, we will never forget.  It is incumbent upon us to ensure that future generations understand and appreciate our history and what can happen when evil forces try to take your freedoms from you.
Below, you can scroll through some unique pictures taken for Newsweek. For the story about Rudy Giuliani, I was able to scan it so that you could read it if you wanted to.  This issue of Newsweek has historical value and will be maintained in it's persent condition.  It is in very good shape other than a very slight yellowing. The magazine quality pages have held up well over the past decade. I took pictures of the other pages, so I apologize for the not so perfect quality, though it will help you get a sense of the history of the pictorial.
In "My Personal Perspective" (below), I have written a personal account of how I spent the day.  During my last seven working years, I spent that time at the UPS Regional Gateway on the ramp located adjacent to Ontario International Airport.  I still have notes from the "Disaster Plan" that we had to put together.  Airport and package security became the centerpoint for processes and procedures that have evolved over the days, months and years that followed. In future positions that I held, I helped to develop and enforce these processes that were paramont to the safety of our people, planes, packages and general public. 

~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~

Disaster Plan Notes ~ A Historical Time Machine & A Personal Perspective

~ ~ ~ ~

This hand written sheet contains the notes that I took from the conference calls and meetings that were held before our hub operations started on 9/11/2001. When I look at these notes ( and I have pulled them out to review them during past anniversaries), they take me right back to that day.  Without these notes, I have a vague recollection of what I had to do and how the day went .  These notes are a mental "time machine" for me.  

As the header line states, all airports were closed and all flights were grounded. My operation was an air operation. All packages had to go by ground. The main problem we had involved flights that were loaded with no where to go. I will go through the document for those who do not understand UPS and air operations but first I must digress to give you a sense of how the day started.....

~ ~ ~ ~

My Wake Up Call

I worked twilight hours, so I was sleeping when the planes hit the first tower.  
Ricky, my oldest son was watching the TV and got me up right around the time the 2nd plane hit.  As the event started playing out, I realized this was no accident and being unsure of what else was going to happen, I decided to head to Costco and stock up on emergency supplies and canned goods. 

Eerie Feeling In My Gut

I knew things would be different at UPS so I went in earlier than normal. As I got out of the car, things were already different.  I worked at an airport. ... LOTS OF NOISE! But it was eerily silent. Then I noticed the huge tractor type dump trucks guarding the vehicle entrances to the facility. Little did I know that these were the first of many changes to come.

First Priority

Come up with a plan to unload and move all air by ground.  Part of that plan included new security prodedures.  I was priviledged to FAA communication so I was aware of the chatter that some terrorist act was planned for the West Coast.  UPS property is attached directly to airport.

The plan we came up with was designed as a interim plan to get us through two days.  Nobody was sure how long all flights would be grounded.  So we estimated a two day plan. 

*** Disaster Plan - Line by Line -

Line 1 & 2 - Ground - Two Day Air (2DA) and 3 Day Select (3DS) along with CANU - (California-Arizona-Nevada-Utah) goes through the ground (Twilight) - Intra Sort (West Coast Next Day Air) - employees were to work building ground loads
Line 3 - We build our East Coast air containers and let them sit - We can't get the air there in under 2 days.
Line 4 & 5 - My operation (Day Sort) runs and off loads 20,000 plus another 15,000 from normal inbound trailer volume. I load Hawaii (Hono) and let it sit.

Security Change - 

Line 6 & 7 - This is a major shift.  UPS has 3000 employees working in any 24 hour period on airport accessible property. So I had to send 3 supervisors to the gate to identify every employee with 2 forms of identification (eg. UPS ID and Driver Lic).  If the supervisors at the gate did not know the employee, the employee was turned away. Security changed forever on that fateful day. UPS employs metal detectors at most of it's facilities in the LA basin now. Airport facilities go through the same scanning procedures (minus taking off shoes) as regular passengers go through.  Employees that work at the airport go through a federal (FBI) screening process and are printed and part of the federal identification process.  At one time, I was one of the few managers that had access to the entire airport facility including all terminals and ramp access. 

Little Did We Know...

Line 8 through 16 - Any package not moving would have an exception as "closed 1".  This was not a UPS caused service problem so all guarantees were off the table. We knew that all air traffic was grounded until the following evening. Little did we know flights would be cancelled for a few more days. All our Haz-Mat procedures would remain intact.  Major changes would follow that continued to change until I retired. Management would work and layoffs for non-management would be day-by-day.  We would contact employees with union steward 2 hours prior to operation.  As always, use available down time to work on safety process training with employees.  EOS is Employee Opinion Survey.

Line 18 through 21 - Number of employees by area on the inbound (unload).  6 S.S. (Small Sort - envelopes and tiny packages) 4 Bulk - (people who handle irregularly shaped packages that don't fit in system).

PCM - Pre-work Communication Meeting -  all people must be accounted for.

Evacuation Procedures

Heightened Security to say the least!  No baseline for anything like this before. We did not know where else terrorist would try to breach security or attack.  Our National Defense Team felt that our airports were the highest risk. 

The building needed to be kept clean of all misc. packages to ensure quick evacuation if needed. All sorts needed to run all packages sorted. Nothing left on belts for next operation (change over).

EAM (time sensitive) packages loaded in rear and forecasted for the next operation. An area that was addressed was workplace violence because of the high emotion.
The last few lines describe some additional procedures that need to be followed.  


UPS employees have always been know to be actively support their local communities. The company sets the example in the corporate world and the employees follow suit as world class donors to worthy causes.  Keeping that in mind, UPS endorsed giving charitable donations to the Red Cross.  

Changes Since 9/11/01

Hazardous Material procedures now called Dangerous Goods have gone through a litany of changes since 9/11/01. At the time of the attack, little did I know that I would eventually become the manager in charge of compliance for the district. That job started out as a job to ensure that all employees handling dangerous goods going through the air system were certified and following proper procedures and protocols.  Over the years, the responsibility for training and enforcement has moved from the jurisdiction of the Air Department to the Plant Engineering Department. Procedures and protocols have changed to meet the changing conditions and regulatory control that is established by the Federal Government and state and local agencies and regulatory bodies.  

To give you some understanding of what is involved, there is a manager who is responsible for coordinating compliance efforts across all departments especially in states such as California and New York that have very strict regulations and compliance agencies. For awhile, California and Hawaii were a region unto themselves because the laws, regulations and protocols were much stricter than in other states. People who were responsible for operations in California had to be very familiar with California law to stay up on the changes.  

In a district such as Southeast California now Southern California District where there were close to 4000 employees that needed various certifications to handle packages that were designated for air travel, training requires a staff of trainers as well as more than one master trainer. It also requires an administrative assistant just to keep tabs on all documentation and make sure all employees stay current on their training. When it came to compliance and especially dangerous goods, the Southeast California District was larger than all the US regions for employees certified to handle dangerous goods, except the main UPS airport facility at Louisville Kentucky. 

The attack that the United States of America experienced on September 11, 2001 changed life as we know it, on this planet forever. Every September 11th, our country as well as diplomatic missions around the world have to be on high alert to thwart those who would relish the chance to do harm to our great nation. 

God bless the souls who perished that fateful morning as well as all defenders of freedom who have sacrificed their lives since then and throughout history.  Never forget, the people they touched and the first responders whose bravery is part of the fabric of America. We honor you every day. ...END 

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